NOVARESE Inc. An unforgettable graceful wedding


At Novarese, each member of staff takes pride in themselves and in their work, places top priority in the quality of our products,and works on improving our service.
Here, we state the guiding principle for each of our staff, as well as our corporate manifesto.
  • Principle

    Creating New Value

    We will constantly strive to create something which does not exist yet in this world

    Respect Personality

    We will always respect the personality of each individual, and value the power which arises from a mixed group of people

    Pursuing Customer Satisfaction

    We will always listen to our customers, and work on realizing what our customers want

  • Manifesto

    We believe that it is our responsibility as a firm to create a relationship of trust with society. In order to affirm this spirit, we have set and will act based on the following 6 principles, which form our Corporate Manifesto, based on social standards.

    Compliance with laws and regulations

    We will comply with laws, international rules and other social standards, and act with discipline. We will conduct our business through fair, transparent and free competition.

    Protection of customer and individual information

    We will pay sufficient attention to protect customer/individual information that we collect in the course of our business, and strive to manage information adequately, and not allow any information leakage.

    Social contribution and supporting the development of our regional society

    We will contribute to the development of culture, by emotionally moving people, and contribute to realizing a rich and bright lifestyle as a "good corporate citizen". We will also conduct management that contributes to the development of our regional society.

    Active participation in environmental issues

    We acknowledge the fact that participation in environmental issues is crucial for the existence and activities of a company, and will actively participate, by providing environment-friendly products & services.

    Disclosure of information

    We will actively communicate with society, and disclose corporate information adequately, fairly and on a timely basis.

    Respond resolutely to anti-social organizations

    We will take resolute action towards anti-social organizations which threaten the stability and safety of society.