NOVARESE Inc. An unforgettable graceful wedding


  • Praise culuture of NOVARESE
    • MVP of the Year

      The system applauding the most successful employee. There are 9 categories, Producing, Costume, Restaurant Business, Restaurant Kitchen, Rookie, Headquarter Staff, Store Staff, Special, and Management. MVPs of each category are given 1 million yen for prize.

    • A Hall of Fame

      For the employees who became MVP of the Year several times and who were nominated for the award every year, platinum company emblem and company credit card are given. With the credit card they can use 1.2 million yen annually for whatever they want during their career at Novarese.

    • Best Practice

      Collect best practices from all employees and honor employees for outstanding ones. The honored practices are shared on the intranet so that other employees who face an issue regarding dress coordinates, wedding planning and restaurant event, etc. can search for a clue.

    • Novarese Contest

      All employees submit an essay about memorable episode of a year. Awards are given to those who wrote strong essays at an annual company event and booklet made of these essays is provided to all employees.

  • Enjoying culuture of NOVARESE
    • General Meeting of Employees「NOVASPO」

      Biggest meeting attended by all employees on April every year. In addition to the initiation ceremony and the announcement of last MVP and company achievement, show by internationally famous artists and employee members are presented.

    • Refreshment Leave

      Triennially employees can take 30 days leave for refreshment. They do not have to provide any reason for this leave.

    • No-overtime Day「the Earth Day」

      Every third Wednesday is「the Earth Day」. Even it is a little thing, such as not doing overtime work, use stairs instead of elevator or walk instead of taking train for one station, we are to be kind to the earth on that day.

    • 10th Anniversary Trip

      We invite the employees who have worked for 10 consecutive years to holiday trip either in a domestic or oversea site like Hawaii in order to thank them.

  • Challenging culuture of NOVARESE
    • Business Idea Proposal System「NOVAREVO」

      Through the business idea proposal system「NOVANESE REVOLUTION」(NOVAREVO) we support the employees with intrapreneurship. 1 million yen and start-up support are offered to the best idea. Over 70 ideas have been submitted annually. Improvement suggestions are welcomed too.

    • FA System

      n order to mobilize human resources in-house, a department which needs more staff can post recruiting ad on the intranet. If an employee is interested in, she/he can contact the department without informing the current supervisor.

    • Self-Declaration System

      Once a year, employees can declare if they are satisfied with their current jobs or if they have any particular job or department to move up.

  • Working support culuture of NOVARESE
    • Flexible Working Hours

      In consultation with the company, employees can alter working hours and days. Depending on the life stage, employees can adjust their working time without doing overtime and losing permanent contract.

    • Limitation of Work Location

      Employees can limit the area for relocation. The pre-set area can be changed anytime. By using this system, the employee is not relocated for long distance (more than an hour to commute from home).

    • Student Loan Assumption

      For employees who are on the permanent contract and need to pay the student loan off, we offer maximum 2 million yen for the support. At the fifth and tenth year of their service, they receive maximum 1 million yen respectively

    • Cooking Competition Support

      When our chefs, pastry chefs and waiters participate in the competition specified by the company, we offer maximum 30,000 yen for necessary ingredients, transportation and accommodation fee. If it is necessary, they can use the company’s kitchen instrument for practice.

    • Backstage Tour of Father/Mother’s Workplace
      「Kids Visiting Day」

      We support children of our employees to understand their parent’s work by visiting the work place and experiencing wedding preparations. Many events such as family photo shooting day are held as well.

    • Welcome Back System

      For former employees who resigned Novarese due to an inevitable reason, we prioritize them for recruitment. They can find recruitment information on the company magazine「NOVAVITA」which also provided to former employees.

    • Housing Allowance
      Nation-wide Allowance
      Relocation Allowance
      Relocation Abroad Allowance

      Regarding relocation and housing, we financially support employees with monthly housing allowance and lump-sum relocation allowance, etc.

    • Dress & Tuxedo Present System

      For employees who have worked for more than five years, they are used for wedding ceremonies,A system that makes all rental expenses of our wedding costumes of employees and their spouses free.The desire to "celebrate an employee's wedding ceremony grandly" is put in it. "

  • Education system of NOVARESE
    • Prospective & New Employees
      Mid-career Employee Training /
      Position base Training

      Since we believe training is very important, our training is segmentalized into 83 by position, task and profession. All training programs are developed in-house.

    • Executive Candidate Training

      Employees can learn the decision making process at the management position and how to behave as a manager through the training. Lectures and group works about management, presentation from CEO, and long-term internship in attendance on CEO are implemented.

    • Business Segment base Training

      In addition to annual general meeting, there are quarterly and monthly trainings for each business segment: wedding producing, wedding dress and restaurant.

    • Star Training /
      Entertainment Training

      One of orientation for new recruits containing stay of 24 days and 23 nights. Lots of unique training are held, such as「Star Training」for releasing their emotions and「Entertainment Training」for creating exciting ideas.

    • Benefits for Part-timers
      Job Hunting Seminar

      Our former and current part-time staff are all invited to an interview when they apply to Novarese’s full-time job. In December when people prepare for job hunting, a special seminar is provided for them. At this seminar, human development officers lecture about the industrial trend and viewpoints from recruitment officer, etc. and give a mock interview.