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ノバレーゼ代表取締役会長 浅田剛治 代表取締役社長 荻野洋基

Rock your life
– We want to be a company that continuously provides vitality to the world

This year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of NOVARESE, which was founded in 2000. We aim to continuously improve ourselves, and continue creating new value in this fast-changing world.

We are fully aware that given the operating environment, to further enhance the corporate value of Novarese we need to innovate our business models quickly and decisively and work unflinchingly on initiatives with a commitment to speed.
We will continue to take on new challenges again, with new ideas not restricted by past successful practice and with the resolve of each one of us to create a new NOVARESE.

In the fiercely competitive bridal industry, rather than giving priority to short-term profit growth we seek to become a company trusted by the public, a company that is considered dependable without fail. To that end, we think that what is most important is to thoroughly pursue the happiness of all our stakeholders, including our clients and staff. That is what NOVARESE is all about and that is its strength.

“Continuing to walk squarely along a place in the Sun.”

We will step up our ongoing efforts to offer superior wedding ceremonies by continuing to do the right things, steadily, sincerely and earnestly, so that we become a company that is needed by society even 10 years and 20 years from now.
We look forward to the continued support and guidance of our stakeholders.

January 2020
President and CEO
Hiroki Ogino